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The first review of Fractals is now available at Inside Higher Ed. Thanks to Renee D’Aoust for her kind words.

My new book, Fractals, will be published by Lavender Ink in February, and is available for preorder now. I was interviewed about the book by Julija Šukys here.

Tales of a Multiverse in Peril, my forthcoming chapbook, is now available for pre-order. From Urban Farmhouse Press:

Drawing much from the pulp science fiction of the early 20th century, Bradley’s chapbook explores both the everyday and the contemporary world with a clear eye to that tradition. From the coming of age tale of the insect queen to the a modern take on Saint Nick to a meditation on the real world use of Superman’s powers, Bradley’s collection is a thoroughly enjoyable collection that conjures up works of Cooley Windsor and Richard Brautigan. A true border crosser, Tales of Multiverse in Peril! is the first in our Cities of the Straits Chapbook series. This title is currently a limited run of 100 copies. Currently available for pre-order. Will ship on Nov.1.

My Bigfoot short story “Unnatural” (my first published work of fiction) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Thanks to Olga Abella and Lania Knight at Bluestem for publishing and nominating it.